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Happy New Year! A holiday tradition around here at the Press Row Podcast returns for its third straight year - a gathering of a bunch of our friends to talk about their favorite sports game experiences of 2014! 

We’ve got Gus Ramsey from ESPN, producers of FIFA 15, NHL 15, and NBA 2K15, Christian Spicer from DLC, half of the Player One Podcast and the Doddcast, and the guys behind There is a wide array of opinions, games, and platforms, highlighting just how many different experiences we all have playing sports games these days. Enjoy the show!

Joining us this week:

Gus Ramsey, ESPN (@GusRamsey)

Christian Spicer, DLC (@spicer)

Zach Farley, (@MaddenBible)

Stephen Gibbons, (@SGibs7)

Gareth Reeder, EA Sports (@Gareth_Reeder)

Scott O’Gallagher, NBA 2K (@ScottOGallagher)

Andy Agostini, EA Sports 

Ben Ross, EA Sports 

Mike Phillips, Player One Podcast (@mik)

Greg Sewart, Player One Podcast (@sewart)

Pete Dodd, Dodd Scientifics (@atPeteDodd)

And your host, Richard Grisham (@richgrisham)

A special thanks goes to Mike Phillips, who helped curate the soundtrack for this week’s episode, featuring some of the best songs and artists from 2014.

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Enjoy the show!

Run Time:  2:20

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