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While it's uphill battle for sports games in the world of eSports the likes of EA Sports and 2K Sports are dedicated to carving out a place for their franchises in the lucrative competitive arena. The games are battling the actual real-life sporting broadcasts for interest from viewers, while also struggling to prove a compelling watch when they often fail to look like the sports they are supposed to represent due to the way they are being played.

Madden NFL 17's first competition of the year is underway and a major exploit is already being utilized. When money is on the line will the video games ever be able to present a fair playing field and will an audience ever follow? Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham discuss the potential for eSports to grow within the genre and the stumbles that have been encountered in the early days in the latest episode of the Press Row Podcast presented by Hit The Pass.

On the show this week:

Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Sporting News/Hit The Pass (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, Out of the Park Developments and Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)

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