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This last Tuesday marked what would have been the release of NCAA Football 18 had the series not been cancelled in 2013. There also hasn't been a college basketball game since 2009. How did we get to where we are now that college sports is barely represented in gaming? What is the potential for college sports to make any sort of comeback in the future?

From the lawsuits that began eight years ago to why no developer would take on such a project right now given the circumstances, alternative development ideas, favorite memories of the games, and why there is still so much passion and emotion over the subject is discussed on this episode of the Press Row Podcast.

On the show this week:

Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Hit the Pass/Sporting News (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, Out of the Park Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)
Chris "MillsGamingTV," Operation Sports (@MillsGamingTV)

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