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Operation Sports - Press Row Podcast: Episode 55 - WWE 2K14, NBA Live 14, Madden 25 & More

Episode 55 of the Press Row Podcast is the last full panel show before the launch of the PS4, and it’s highlighted with spirited discussion on all sorts of subjects. Up first, the team discusses the new information about The Show for the PS4 juxtaposed with no baseball on the Xbox One. Next, Mike Suszek and Owen Good go deep on their reviews of WWE 2K14. Later on, Rich Grisham describes his hands-on experience with NBA Live, followed by a bit of NBA 2K14 PS4 exclusivity information and wrapped up by an examination of what we’ve seen and heard so far about Madden 25 on next-gen consoles. It’s a jam-packed show! Here’s the breakdown:

6:30 mark – Rich, Owen, Chris, Bryan, and Samit discuss all the next-gen baseball information

29:30 mark – Mike and Owen review WWE 2K14

52:00 mark – Rich describes his time hands-on with NBA Live 14

1:19:00 mark – The crew reacts to what they’ve seen from Madden 25 next-gen

1:30:00 mark – We go around the table to ask who’s buying the PS4 at launch and what games they’re buying as well

Enjoy the show!

Joining us this week:

Bryan Wiedey, PastaPadre (@pastapadre)

Samit Sarkar, Polygon (@samitsarkar)

Chris Sanner, Operation Sports (@ChrisSnr)

Owen Good,Kotaku (@owengood)

Mike Suszek, Joystiq (@mikesuszek)

Ian Cummings, Zynga (@iantcummings)

And your host, Richard Grisham, GamesRadar/OXM/@GAMER (@richgrisham)

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Enjoy the show!

Run Time: 1:42

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