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Operation Sports - Press Row Podcast: Episode 9 - 2012 Holiday Spectacular

Press Row Podcast – Episode 9 – 2012 Holiday Spectacular
It’s Episode 9 of the Press Row Podcast – a celebration of everything we loved about sports video games in 2012! We’ve gathered a who’s who of industry folks, media types, pundits, and fans all to tell us about their top three sports games of the year. It’s an epic holiday episode. Enjoy!

Joining us this week:

Gus Ramsey, ESPN
Ian Cummings, Row Sham Bow
Donny Moore, EA
Ben Haumiller, EA
Ryan Lewis, 4th String
Jon Robinson, ESPN
Mike Young, EA
Todd Zuniga, 4th String
Mike Phillips, Player One Podcast
Greg Sewart, Player One Podcast
Brad Hilderbrand, EA
Kat Bailey, Active Time Babble
Sean Ramjagsingh, EA
Zach Farley,
Steve Gibbons,
TJ Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer
Scott Bins, ThatSportsGamer
Pete Dodd, For Your FYI
Bill Montag, MyPlayerTracker
And your host, Richard Grisham, GamesRadar (@richgrisham)

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Enjoy the show!
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