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Press Row Podcast – Episode 119 – Footballs, Pucks, Cars, and Baseballs

It may be the end of January – a typically slow time in the sports game world – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t all sorts of interesting things happening. This week’s episode of the Press Row Podcast is a winter potpourri, featuring a number of special guests talking about their areas of expertise. Up first, PastaPadre’s Bryan Wiedey (a huge Seahawks fan) and MaddenTips’ Stephen Gibbons (a big Pats supporter) join host Rich Grisham to preview the Super Bowl. Next, Operation Sports’ own hockey expert Glenn Wigmore hops on to revisit NHL 15, checking in on its current state and how it has improved since launch. After that, our good friend Greg Sewart from Generation 16 and the Player One Podcast chats about the big shift in the NASCAR game license and what it means to racing fans. Lastly, Out of the Park Baseball’s Brad Cook discusses the huge positive implications for his game now that it has acquired the long-desired MLB license.

Enjoy the show!

Joining us this week:

Bryan Wiedey, PastaPadre (@PastaPadre)

Stephen Gibbons, (@Sgibs7)

Glenn Wigmore, OperationSports (@glennwigmore)

Greg Sewart, Generation 16 and Player One Podcast (@sewart)

Brad Cook, Out of the Park Baseball (@ootpbaseball)

And your host, Richard Grisham (@richgrisham)

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