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Press Row Podcast: 2013 Sports Game of the Year

This is the big one! The 63rd episode of the Press Row Podcast has the full crew on hand for the countdown to and ultimate reveal of the 2013 Sports Game of the Year. For starters, each panelist makes a case for two nominees. Up next, Rich counts down the top three games based upon the lists that each panelist submitted to reveal the winner. Lastly, each panelist reviews their personal list so you can see how the actual selections came together. It’s one of the most eagerly-anticipated episodes ever, and we hope you have as much fun listening to it as much as we did making it.
Enjoy the show!
Joining us this week:
Bryan Wiedey, PastaPadre (@pastapadre)
Mike Suszek, Joystiq (@mikesuszek)
Chris Sanner, Operation Sports (@ChrisSnr)
Owen Good,Kotaku (@owengood)
Samit Sarkar, Polygon (@samitsarkar)
And your host, Richard Grisham (@richgrisham)
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