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The Ultimate Team style modes in sports games are more popular with consumers than ever before, and they're also leaned on more than ever by publishers for the revenues they provide. What is it about these team building, card collecting modes that have proven to be so compelling and successful? What challenges do they face right now and into the future? A panel of experts on the various modes throughout the genre discuss the phenomenon on this episode.

On the show this week:
Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Sporting News/Hit the Pass (@pastapadre)
T.J. Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer (@ThatSportsGamer)
MillsGamingTV, Operation Sports (@MillsGamingTV)
Kris Jardine, SnaggleJ (@SnaggleJ)
Daniel Baesal, UberYoutuber (@danielbaesal)

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