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It's an old-school Sports Game of the Year show! Rich, Owen, and Kris line up their Honorable Mentions then count down their top three favorite sports video games of 2022 - eventually getting to the Official Press Row Podcast Sports Game of the Year as well!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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The wait for a fully licensed college football video game will have been 11 years should EA Sports College Football 25 release as now scheduled. Rich and Bryan discuss the return being pushed back from summer 2023 to 2024. Why it happened and what the first game back could benefit from the extra year as EA juggles extensive legal and development challenges. 

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Rich and Bryan return to discuss this fall's sports games - the ones that are resonating with them and the others that have taken a back seat to this point. 

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Rich Grisham and Bryan Wiedey discuss their time with NBA 2K23 so far, largely focusing on the two big feature additions in MyNBA Eras and The Jordan Challenge, before moving on to share thoughts on the upcoming releases of FIFA 23 and NHL 23. 

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The Press Row Podcast returns after an extended hiatus reuniting three of the OG panelists to discuss the release of Madden NFL 23, take a look ahead to NBA 2K23, and assess the upcoming battle between 2K and EA golf games. Featuring Rich Grisham, Bryan Wiedey (@pastapadre), and Owen Good (Polygon). 

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Rich and Bryan discuss the reveal of MLB The Show 22 amidst the lockout, the sales of Activision-Blizzard and Bungie and what it would mean if EA is acquired by Microsoft or Sony, and go into the latest in their Madden online franchises. 

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