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Discussing the release of Madden NFL 22 with early thoughts on the game, the reveal of NHL 22, and the new form that PES will be taking going forward. 

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The Press Row Podcast returns with discussion on recent news including Electronic Arts buying Metalhead Software - the developers of Super Mega Baseball - and the first NFL game from 2K Sports under their new licensing deal being delayed until summer 2022. 

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So many surprises in such a short time! Between MLB The Show going on Xbox Game Pass the day it launches and EA announcing a brand new PGA golf game - exclusively featuring The Masters, no less - it's been a wild few weeks. 

Enjoy the show!

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At some point! EA Sports today announced that College Football will be making a return to their portfolio of sports games. So that begs the questions, like when? What teams? What players? What history? Will there be a Dynasty Mode? Will there be Ultimate Team? Will it be a yearly release? We don't have any of those answers - but we take our best guess at them anyway.

Enjoy the show!

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