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In this week's episode of the Press Row Podcast, host Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham have a follow-up discussion on last week's topic regarding consumer unrest before moving on to address other subjects. Those include it's a good or bad idea to continually tinker with fundamental elements of games such as the constant changes being made to shooting in NBA 2K17, the potential of the upcoming arcade-style game NBA Playgrounds, what the WNBA could mean for NBA Live 18, and a handful of listener questions.

On the show this week:

Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Hit the Pass/Sporting News (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, Hit The Pass/OOTP Developments (@richgrisham)

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In many ways, these are great days to be a sports video game fan. However, certain segments of popular games have experienced significant problems, causing enormous issues within each of those games' communities. The way titles are marketed at fans, persistent problems with certain modes, and perceived lack of communication between game makers and game players have embroiled fans and developers alike. 

Host Rich Grisham talks with Operation Sports Community Manager Millennium - a man in the middle of a number of these conversations - about the overall situation, how fans should be approaching these issues, and what people on all sides can and should do. 

On the show this week:

Rich Grisham, Hit The Pass/OOTP Developments (@richgrisham)
Chris/MillenniumOS, Operation Sports (@MillenniumOS)

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Coming off a win by MLB The Show 16 of the Press Row Podcast Sports Game of the Year Award, MLB The Show 17 reaches the marketplace with naturally high expectations.

The series went big with Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover and found within various modes of play in the game, story-like elements for Road to the Show, new simulation features for Franchise Mode, and more content in Diamond Dynasty which looks to remain the consumer-favorite team-building mode. Server issues however have plagued the game since release marring what otherwise would have been widely-favorable impressions.

This super-sized episode of the Press Row Podcast features a full panel of the best evaluators of sports video games in the business examining all major aspects of MLB The Show 17.

On the show this week:

Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Hit The Pass/Sporting News (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, Hit The Pass/OOTP Developments (@richgrisham)
T.J. Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer (@ThatSportsGamer)
Chris/MillenniumOS, Operation Sports (@MillenniumOS)
Kat Bailey, USgamer (@the_katbot)
Owen Good, Polygon (@owengood)

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