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In a look forward to the year ahead, the panelists on this episode of the Press Row Podcast go through their top five most anticipated sports games of 2018. The criteria among the panelists varied with the lists including some predictable selections, some surprising ones, and even a few hypotheticals.

On the show this week:
Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Sporting News/Hit the Pass (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, OOTP Developments/Hit the Pass (@richgrisham)
Daniel Baesal, UberYoutuber (@danielbaesel)
T.J. Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer (@thatsportsgamer)
MillsGamingTV (@millsgamingtv)

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It's the eight annual PCAs! Celebrating the year in sports gaming, the Pastapadre Community Awards recognize all the achievements from the genre over 12 different categories - as voted on by the community of consumers that actually plays them! The awards are handed out in this episode of the Press Row Podcast, with in-depth discussion on all the nominees and what the voting patterns say about the games and the direction of the genre. 

Pastapadre, Sporting News/Hit The Pass/Pastapadre (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, OOTP Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)

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It’s part 2 of our set of shows talking to various friends of the Press Row Podcast, counting down their top 3 sports games of 2017! This week, we get a bunch of great guests to join, including Ryan Lewis from 4th String, Corey Andress from Electronic Arts, Daniel Baesel (aka UberYouTuber), Matt Kato from GameInformer, and Adam Burnett & Jeff Riddolls from Franchise Hockey Manager. It’s another really fun episode with a bunch of different perspectives!

Rich Grisham, OOTP Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)
Ryan Lewis, 4th String (@RyanTheLou)
Corey Andress, Electronic Arts (@EACoreySA)
Daniel Baesel, YouTube (@danielbaesal)
Matt Kato, GameInformer (@MattKato)
Adam Burnett, Franchise Hockey Manager (@KnightAttack09)
Jeff Riddolls, Franchise Hockey Manager (@JeffRiddolls)​

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A Press Row Podcast tradition continues with a gathering of many friends of the show to tell us their favorite sports games of 2017. There are no rules other than pick your favorites! This week's episode is the first of two shows, featuring great friends Gus Ramsey in one segment and Cicero Holmes in another. Many know Gus from his days at ESPN and the Bill Simmons podcast. Cicero, one of the creative forces behind Spawn On Me, has been a contributor for years. Both played their fair share of sports games 2017 and tell host Rich Grisham their three favorites in order.

Rich Grisham, OOTP Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)
Gus Ramsey, Full Sail University (@gusramsey)
Cicero Holmes, Spawn On Me (@stubbystan)

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