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Next gen sports gaming is here in full! Rich and Bryan talk about their early impressions of Madden and FIFA on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 - what's different, what's interesting, and what's the overall feel?

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It's an old-school throwback Press Row Podcast! It's 2013 all over again as Owen Good, Bryan Wiedey, and Rich Grisham get together to compare their next-gen console launch experiences - only this time it's Xbox Series X and Playstation 5!

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Despite the current NBA season still ongoing and the next one several months away from tipping off NBA 2K21 has just released and to the lowest review scores in series' history. But it's the changes that have been made to shooting that have caused the biggest disruption. What's been done, why it was messed with in the first place, and how it can be fixed are all discussed on this episode of the Press Row Podcast.

Rich, Pastapadre, and Mills also go over the latest patch news for Madden NFL 21 and go into the surprising announcement of Colin Kaepernick being added to the game in an unprecedented and controversial fashion.

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In the midst of a pandemic two major sports games have just released. One seems to have handled the challenges to produce a possible Sports Game of the Year candidate while the other may have been better off delayed. Pastapadre, MillsTwitch, and Rich discuss first impressions of Madden NFL 21 and PGA Tour 2K21. 

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How did Madden NFL get to the current place it is with Franchise Mode, why was there an uprising from fans now, and where does Madden go from here? Rich, Bryan, and Mills discuss everything around the #FixMaddenFranchise movement that trended on Twitter and forced a response out of EA Sports.


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Due to the extraordinary circumstances of 2020 Electronic Arts had to call an audible and hold the annual EA Play event remotely and in pre-recorded fashion. The trimmed down presentation left the publisher's sports games with just a single trailer as representation. 

That trailer was a big one however delivering the first look at next-gen - PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X - Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21. 

Rich and Bryan discuss what has been learned about those two titles and what remains unknown, the tepid response to the initial Madden NFL 21 reveal earlier this week, the absence of NHL 21 and UFC 4 from the event, and much more!

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This week we talk to Scott Drader, co-founder of Metalhead Software - the makers of Super Mega Baseball 3! The brand new release is delighting fans around the world. We catch up with Scott on everything about the game - design, feedback, roadmap, and more - in a fascinating conversation about the joys and challenges of running a studio and making a sports video game.

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Is the dream of a new NCAA Football dream dead - or still very much alive? With interesting new developments happening, Bryan and Rich get together to discuss the implications. 

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This week we catch up with Bit Fry's Todd Zeile to discuss their game Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. Plus! Rich and Bryan check in to see what they've been playing and watching. Lots of fun discussion!

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2K shocks the world with their announcement that they are back in business with the NFL. What does this all mean? Plus! Super Mega Baseball 3 is announced!

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Be safe everyone!

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Mills is here with his unique angle on MLB The Show 20 this season. What are the most exciting new features? What will fans be happiest with? Lots of great discussion on Sony's baseball powerhouse.

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The Press Row Podcast is back! Rich and Bryan get together for the first time this year and peer ahead at what 2020 may bring in sports video games. With new consoles coming and important - and massive - current generation install bases expecting big things, 2020 promises to be fascinating.

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It's a doubleheader Press Row Podcast! We welcome in three of our racing game experts - Greg Sewart (@sewart), Pete Dodd (@atPeteDodd), and Dr. Ken Parker (@chairman7) - to weigh in on their racing games of the year for 2019 AND their racing games of the decade from 2010-2019!

Enjoy the show!

Be sure to check out Out of the Park Baseball 20 (from Steam, Direct, or Origin) as well as Franchise Hockey Manager 6 (from Steam or Direct) - the best sports strategy games available!


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