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By popular demand, it's time for our annual NHL 20 Review Roundtable! We gather several old friends and new ones to dive into what people love - and don't love - about EA's venerable hockey franchise. What's working best this season? What needs a little more love? What are the best modes? We've got Kim Wallace from GameInformer, Samit Sarkar from Polygon, Mills from MillsGamingTV, and Kat Bailey from US Gamer all on the show this week.



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NBA 2K20 launched this week with no shortage of controversy. There were reports of glitches, mismatched expectations, and other assorted technical problems - so, naturally, we get Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham together to talk about them. Shocker! Bryan and Rich don't really agree on all that much! But that's what makes Press Row what it is - a place for reasonable and fun conversations about the sports games we love (or love to hate).

Check out Bryan's NBA 2K20 review for Sporting News!

Enjoy the show!

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