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We talk with longtime Press Row panelist, and even longer-time sports video game media leading voice Owen Good as he exits the games journalism industry. With a look back at the epochal changes that have taken place in the space in just the time spanning this show, it's an extraordinary analysis of just how much has changed in a relatively short time.


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We talk with former major leaguer, current analyst, and future manager Erik Kratz, the co-author of the new book The Tao of the Backup Catcher: Playing Baseball for the Love of the Game. It's a fun, fascinating conversation about life as a key - if oft-unappreciated - part of several major league clubs.


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Rich and Bryan reunite to discuss the latest in the sports gaming world including features and beta reaction to Madden NFL 24 and the recent news surrounding next year's planned return of college football from EA Sports. 

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We talk with our good friend Ian Cummings, CEO at Third Time Entertainment, about his incredible success with his game Photo Finish Live, partnering with the Kentucky Derby, running a company, and much more. It's an incredible story and we are thrilled to be able to have Ian tell it!

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It's a special bonus episode as Pastapadre joins 4th String League members to discuss the news of EA Sports' compensation for those who lost Madden Franchise Mode saves before later turning to league specific developments.



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What sports video game are you looking forward to most in 2023? We pose that question to Bryan, Kris, Owen and Rich in the first Press Row Podcast episode of 2023!

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