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Press Row Podcast - MLB 14 The Show Review Roundtable

In the 78th episode of the Press Row Podcast, our terrific panel dives deeply into as many aspects of the PS3 and Vita version of MLB 14 The Show that they can fit! Over the course of nearly two hours, the team talks about their initial impressions, the new user interface, general gameplay mechanics, how they individually approach hitting, pitching, and fielding, the new Player Lock and Quick Counts features, Road To The Show, and the overall online experience including some early Online Franchise reactions. It’s a jam-packed episode that anyone who loves baseball won’t want to miss.


Joining us this week:


Bryan Wiedey, PastaPadre (@pastapadre)


Kat Bailey, US Gamer (@The_Katbot)


Owen Good, Polygon (@owengood)


Samit Sarkar, Polygon (@samitsarkar)


TJ Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer (@ThatSportsGamer)


And your host, Richard Grisham, GamesRadar/OXM/@GAMER (@richgrisham)


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Run Time:  1:48


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