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The video game industry is following in the path of other forms of entertainment by normalizing subscription services. What at one time was only Xbox Live or PlayStation Network for the purposes of online play has now expanded to those offering free games and various discounts every month, the fantastic value of EA Access, and the recently announced Xbox Game Pass.

That Xbox-related news, the release of Disc Jam which will be free to PlayStation Plus members, and what it all means for gaming now and in the future is discussed in this episode of the Press Row Podcast. Other segments cover the new MLB Network presentation in MLB The Show 17 and day one impressions of the Nintendo Switch.

On the show this week:

Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Hit The Pass/Sporting News (@pastapadre)
Rich Grisham, Out of the Park Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham)
T.J. Lauerman, ThatSportsGamer (@thatsportsgamer)


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